Heading North

This is going to be a fairly brief post as I’m very excited and want to get it published. In a few months I will be getting my driving licence, once I have this I will be heading up to Manchester to stay with my grandparents and become an Emergency Medical Technician. I plan to […]


Lighting at the County Music Service

Great news, I have been speaking to the head of music at the Oxford County Council and I will be doing lighting for the central music school and the county music service. They have great facilities and many very talented musicians. I am also working on some awesome new projects in school and with other […]

A long day ahead! 1

Well about an hour ago from writing this post I returned from a long day at school. Between myself, Alex, Jacob, Nigel and Mr. Pelling we managed to get the majority of the difficult work done setting up the scenery, the main steel decks are in place and the treads are all fully set up. […]

Putting up the set